The City of Phlan

For maps and information about the countries, kingdoms, cities, factions, and organizations, near Phlan, known as the Moonsea Reaches and the Wilderness surrounding Phlan, please go to the following:

Moonsea Reaches

Phlan and the Surrounding Wilderness Lands

The City of Phlan

The City of Phlan is divided into several massive and important blocks. Each block is named after some unique feature of its contents or an important figure from its past.

At the beginning of the campaign, all blocks, except New Phlan (also known as Civilized Phlan) and the Valhingen Graveyard, are under control of the Lord of the Ruins and his monstrous servants. Each block will need to be cleared until the entire city is free. The following links detail commonly known information about the respective block:

New Phlan


Old Rope Guild

Kuto’s Well

Mendor’s Library

Podal Plaza

Cadorna Textile House

Stojanow Gate

Valjevo Castle

Sokal Keep

Temple of Bane

Wealthy District

Kovel Mansion

Valhingen Graveyard

The City of Phlan

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