Combat Rule Modifications

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Designer’s Notes on Combat

The Melee Round

-Each Melee Round or “Round” is 10 seconds long
-Each second of a Melee Round is called a “Segment”

Tabletop Scale

-Each 1" square on a tabletop combat map is no longer 5’ by 5’, but instead is now 3.3 feet by 3.3 feet (1 meter). This means three squares in a row is 10’, and 9 squares (3 X 3) equal a 10’ by 10’ area.

Note: The tabletop scale been changed because the existing systems only allowed 2 characters to stand side-by-side in a 10’ wide dungeon corridor, or 4 characters in a 10’ by 10’ area, when in reality (including medieval combat) at least 9 characters (sometimes more; think of Pikemen fighting formations) could easily fit in that area and be able to fight. As an example, game tables can often seat 6 to 8 Players (sometimes more) INCLUDING the table and the Players’ book bags; all in a 10’ by 10’ area. Players sitting in seats have a larger “footprint” in a room than people standing up, and yet so many people still fit in the area. According to the existing game scale, a rectangular table seating 6 would have to be 10 feet long and a similar table seating 8 would be 15 feet long!

Part of the problem, I feel, is in the scale and pose of the miniatures; they’re either scaled too big and/or the weapons are pointed in random directions, interfering with each other on the tabletop.



Weapon Attacks

-Each Weapon has a Weapon Speed. The Weapon Speed is found on the following chart:

Weapon Information

-Each character receives a Number of Attacks Per Round or a Number of General Actions Per Round based on the Character’s Base Attack Bonus and Weapon Speed. The number of attacks are found on the following cross-reference chart:

Number of Attacks Per Round



Attack & Defense

_-Attack & Defending: Attack Rolls are made with a d20, adding the Base Attack Bonus (BAB), Ability Score Bonuses, and Modifiers (see below). The defender also rolls a d20, adding the appropriate Base Defense Bonus (BDB), Ability Score Bonuses, and Modifiers (see below).

If the attacker’s total is higher than the defender’s Defense Class roll the defender has been struck, and damage for the attacking weapon is rolled, subtracting any Damage Reduction for the defender’s armor, if any.

_If the defender’s total is higher the attack has either missed, been dodged, or has been parried.

_If a tie has been rolled, the tie goes to the defender; or the Dungeon Master may use the Optional Rule: “Locked in Combat.”

Locked in Combat

Attack Bonuses

-Attack bonuses are computed like most of the previous editions, except the Character’s Strength AND Dexterity Bonus is added to Melee and Hurled Weapon Attack Bonuses, and the Dexterity Bonus is added TWICE to Missile Weapon Attack Bonus. (see below)

-Armor (except shields) is no longer figured into the Defense Class, and therefore the term Armor Class is no longer used (see below). Armor will have Damage Reduction instead of a static number to roll against to see if the defender has been hit. Armor generally slows and interferes with defending, but absorbs a lot of damage. The heavier the armor; the better the Damage Reduction. This will mean heavily armored opponents will get hit more often than unarmored or lightly armored opponents, but will take less to no damage. As characters progress in levels, they will become more deadly, Mages will be putting out more damage, and Rogues may develop skills to exploit the defenses of armored opponents.

Armor Rule Modifications

Attack Bonuses

Melee Weapon and Hurled Weapon Hit Bonus

Strength Bonus + Dexterity Bonus + Base Attack Bonus + Miscellaneous Modifiers

Missile Weapon Hit Bonus

Dexterity Bonus (Coordination) + Dexterity Bonus (Accuracy) + Base Attack Bonus + Miscellaneous Modifiers*.

-Specially made bows which are adjusted for an archer’s Strength will allow their Strength Bonus, as well. The Accuracy Bonus only applies to weapons that may be aimed and fired (which are named Missile Weapons in this rule set), such as bows and crossbows.

Firing Missile Weapons Too Close To An Opponent – Accuracy

-If an attacker is firing a Missile Weapon within Melee Weapon Range of an opponent facing them directly in combat, they must either choose to LOSE the Accuracy Bonus OR keep the Accuracy Bonus and may be subject to an Attack of Opportunity. If the opponent isn’t facing them directly in combat, they may fire normally at Point Blank. Some exceptions may apply for defending characters who are trained to fight multiple opponents in multiple directions, or an attacking archer who is trained to fight Point Blank Close Combat with a Bow.

Missile Weapons

Missile and Hurled Attacks

-Targets of a Missile or Hurled Weapon do not receive a Parry Bonus unless they have a Shield (Bucklers won’t help).

-Note that Shields give double Defense Class Bonuses against Missile and Hurled Weapons.

-Fired into the ranks of the enemy, if an arrow or bolt misses its intended target, then it may strike another behind it out to the extent of short range distance or until it strikes an obstacle. The Dungeon Master must make a judgement where and how far the shot may go. If the attacker was firing toward the ground (called shot to the foot, or shooting at a tiny creature, the Dungeon Master may be able to rule that the shot stops in the same square as the intended target.

_For every target past the intended target, an attack roll is made at a cumulative -4 per target, with no bonuses added to the attack.

-Rushing and Charging defenders receive a +1 / +2 bonus to their Defense Class vs Missile and Hurled Weapons.

Moving and firing with Missile Weapons

Normal Movement & Firing

-If an attacker with a Missile Weapon moves 1 stride forward, they may fire at no penalty.

Rushing & Firing

-If an attacker with a Missile Weapon moves 2 strides forward (a Rush), they fire at a -1 penalty, in addition to the normal -1 Defense Class penalty for a Rush.

Charging & Firing
-If an attacker with a Missile Weapon moves 3 strides forward (a Charge), they attack at a -2 penalty, in addition to the normal -2 Defense Class penalty for a Charge.

Full Charge (Running) & Firing

-If an attacker with a Missile Weapon moves 4 or more strides forward, they attack at a -2 penalty, and lose their Accuracy Bonus for a high Dexterity, or take a double Accuracy penalty for a low Dexterity.

Defense Class = Dexterity Bonus (Dodge) + Dexterity Bonus (Parry) + HALF Base Attack Bonus + Shield Bonus – Armor Penalty

Charging and Rushing Into Combat

Charging and Rushing

Attack Wall

-For every attacking ally side-by-side with each other in that is a to threat an opponent, an attacker receives +1 to the Attack Roll, for a maximum of a +2 bonus, even if the other allies don’t actually attack the opponent.

Shield Wall

_-For every defender with a Medium Shield or larger standing side-by-side to each other, they receive a +1 Shield Bonus to their Defense Class, up to a maximum of a +2 Bonus.

_-If a defender with a Shield is standing with a wall to their left or right (including Delta Formations where there is a single “point man” in the middle), they receive a +1 Shield Bonus to their Defense Class, per barrier at their side to a maximum of a +2 Bonus. So, if a defender is standing at a doorway, or have their back in a corner, they receive a +2 Shield Bonus. If three defenders with Medium Shields or larger are standing side-by-side in a 10’ corridor, they each receive a +2 Shield Bonus: The defender in the middle receives the bonus from each of the Shield bearers next to him, and the defenders to his right and left receive +1 for his Shield, and another +1 for the wall at their side. If all three were fighting at a doorway, they would receive a total of a +4 Shield Bonus for any attack that might be able to reach them.

Two Weapon Fighting

To see the rules on fighting with two weapons, click the following:

Two Weapon Fighting

Combat Rule Modifications

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