Bishop Braccio of Tyr


Character Name: Bishop Braccio of Tyr
Name of Workplace: Temple of Tyr, in Phlan
Character Occupation: Priest of Tyr
Position in Occupation: Bishop, High Priest
STR:15 DEX:14 CON:15 INT:16 WIS:20 CHA:17
Race: Human, Lineage of the ancient family of Alonias of Tyr
Sex: Male
Height & Build: 6’1" slender, but big boned
Hair, Eyes & Face: Medium-short dark gray hair with light gray sides, carefully combed straight back. No facial hair beyond a dark gray triangle patch directly below the bottom lip. Dark eyes; hollow-eyed. Distinctly sharp features, but his pale skin gives him a slightly chilling appearance.
Appearance & Dress:
Social Class: Middle Upper Class with the appearance of Higher Upper Class, due to priestly finery
Armor or Protection:

*Age: old
*General: immaculate
*Sanity: normal
*Intellect: scheming
*Morals: virtuous
*General Tendencies: precise/exacting-fanatical
*Average Personality: arrogant-well-spoken-abrasive
*Nature: hard-hearted-vengeful
*Honesty: honorable
*Materialism: aesthetic, covetous
*Bravery: fearless
*Energy: driven
*Thrift: spendthrift
*Disposition: proud/haughty
*Piety: zealot


Bishop Braccio of Tyr

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