Welcome to the Forgotten Realms.

Herein lies a guide to a campaign setting within the Forgotten Realms. The setting encompasses the tale of the Pool of Radiance, a rich story set in the early timelines of the Forgotten Realms, when the setting was initially introduced to Dungeons & Dragons.

The Pool of Radiance adventure takes place at the ancient city of Phlan, on the northern shore of the Moonsea, deep within the continent of Faerun. The formerly great city of Phlan lies in near ruins, held in the grip of a terrible lord, who lurks somewhere within the ruins, and commands monstrous warlords and their hordes of minions, who each struggle for power among the monstrous factions within the uncivilized portions of the city.

Ancient families from the days of Old Phlan have managed to reconquer a portion of the Phlan, with hope that they can retake their ancestral city, uncover it’s lost riches, and restore the city’s greatness, once again. Thus came the necessity for it’s City Council to call upon mercenaries and heroes to bring the city back to it’s former glory…

Bards have travelled the Realms, heralding the call for help, and flyers have been posted throughout many cities and towns, perhaps you’ve seen one…

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History of Phlan

The City of Phlan

About Pool of Radiance

Pool of Radiance was an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Gold Box Edition computer game published by Strategic Simulations, Incorporated (SSI) in 1988, for home computers. Pool of Radiance was also made into an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game module entitled, “Ruins of Adventure”, in 1988, for the Forgotten Realms game setting. Players are welcome (and encouraged) to play the orginal computer game, if they wish, as the campaign will be a unique and vast improvement over the original gaming experience.

The basic storyline of Pool of Radiance will remain true to the original computer game and module, although the individual characters and elements within the storyline and setting will be heavily re-developed and expanded to include additional, completely new material. The new material includes compatible and appropriate gaming elements to support additional genres, such as the incorporation of Steampunk based characters into the campaign, and other characters that might be inspired to build various clockworks, steampowered contraptions, and other grand and useful inventions within a medieval fantasy setting.

Diverse ethnicity of characters within the Forgotten Realms may be supported, as well, such as for Players wishing to roleplay Samurai from Kara-Tur, or Mayan/Aztec-style characters from Maztica, and even Monsters as characters. To see examples of what character types may be played in this campaign, please refer to Pool of Radiance Character Examples and Suggestions.

I look forward to making the Forgotten Realms and the story of the Pool of Radiance come to life!

Welcome to the Forgotten Realms and enjoy!

Forgotten Realms - Pool of Radiance